Quick Measures!

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Quick Measures!

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This data story is a bit of a labor of love. I love, love, love the Quick Measures Gallery. It's one of those things I latched on to because I found myself answering what amounted to be the same question over and over again in the forums. So, I reasoned it was far better to solve the problem once, post it to the Quick Measures Gallery and reference it versus reinventing the wheel each time. So that's exactly what I do these days.


But, even though I love the Quick Measures Gallery, it is not without its flaws. The user interface for it isn't particularly, well, "pretty". It lacks a number of features like search capabilities and is limited on the slicing and dicing that can be done. So, I figured, why not use Power BI to collect the data and build some spiffy reports that might make things easier to find!


This Data Story makes heavy use of the "Web by Example" feature. I started several queries this way and then turned them into functions in order to collect information on each quick measure and each author. To see how I did it, check out my blog article "Turning 'Web by Example' into Power Query Functions". I also spent some time implementing report page tool tips and adding little embellishments like a little drill icon that denotes the ability to use drillthrough on that particular visual. One can drillthrough from either the Analytics or Author pages to the Details page and the Details page has links directly to the quick measure in the Community site as well the URL to download its PBIX file, if one was included.


I had a good time making this Data Story, hope you enjoy it, find it useful and that it encourages you to use and create Quick Measures more often!


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