Objective attainment

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Objective attainment



This power bi report is based on a contoso dataset. It was made to demsonstrate the Power BI What if capabilities.


The report contain 2 tabs:


The first one is named "How to attain my objective ?".  The goal is to select a store and test the impact of increasing or decreasing unit price and quantity sold. If I increase my price by 10 % for 1 or several product category and suppose the quantity sold of the change by 5%, how behave my sales ? Will I still meet my objectives ? What will be my margin and my profit ? is it better or worst than the original value ?

The seond one is "What if I change the unit price ?" The goal is to select a store and calculate the new objective quantity based on the unit price modification. If I decrease the unit price by 15% how many of each product should I sell ? 


Nicolas Agrapart