Natural Disasters Around The World - 2017

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Natural Disasters Around The World - 2017

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Natural Disasters in 2017 interested me because I lived it this past year, as I was personally affected by Hurricane Irma. Fortunately, the storm ultimately did not have a major impact on me, but I saw first hand just how a disaster like Irma had a massive impact on how life functions from day to day. Creating this story with this data gave me a look into how disasters all throughout the year have had that same kind of impact on life.


At the outset, I wanted to have a flow when telling the story of natural disasters in 2017. To that end, I decided to implement the bookmarks feature along with hide/unhide feature of the selection pane. This allowed me to only have the necessary elements showing as the viewer flows through the story.


Data for this report was sourced from EM-DAT, which is the Emergency Events Database. Initially set up by WHO and the Belgium government, EM-DAT collects data about natural disasters around the world from the UN, NGO's, Research Institutes and other sources. I also used information from Relief Web, an information source for global crises and disasters, to get more details about specific disasters.


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