Microsoft Europe’s Power BI report relating to girls interest in STEM

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Microsoft Europe’s Power BI report relating to girls interest in STEM

We wanted to share an interesting study the Microsoft European Communications Team did, looking at regional results from a comprehensive survey of 11,500 girls and young women across 12 European countries. The results helped clarify what motivates girls and young women to engage or disengage from STEM subjects and the ages when that happens.


The Enlighten team worked with Microsoft to create a feature story including a Power BI report. The Microsoft News Centre Europe helped spread the results of this survey using videos and a whitepaper, for others to explore the findings. The Microsoft Philanthropies & EU Policy Communications Team used the Power BI report to provide a visual understanding of the data when meeting with non-governmental organisation partners (NGO), government, educators and policymakers across the region.


The report we created features visualisations and charts and can filter by region for more in-depth analysis. The report uses inbuilt Power BI visuals as well as various custom visuals being the Enlighten Data Story and Enlighten Stack Shuffle to show the following:


  • The age that girls start to lose interest in STEM
  • Top factors that influencer STEM interest in girls
  • The comparative interest in STEM and humanities


Shortly you will be able to access the custom visuals we used in this report in the Office Store. So keep checking in for when they go live and let us know what you think of the report and the custom visuals!