KPI Breakdown Scorecard by Decisive Data

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KPI Breakdown Scorecard by Decisive Data

In the words of mighty Julius Caesar, “Divide and conquer”, and data is no different.  We can break down any complex problem into buckets which forges a path to purposefully resolve it. In this example, the KPI Breakdown Scorecard looks at a complex global enterprise and boils it down to six summary viewpoints along the top, across 12 KPIs.


Using this dashboard, executives have a macro view on the enterprise's performance across the globe, complete with top performing and underperforming countries. Reducing the time to insight which greatly accelerates the decision making process.


You’ll find a complete overview of this dashboard on our blog that includes;

  1. Drill down into the different views I used when building this dashboard
  2. Understanding how you can gain a wholistic understanding of your business using The KPI Breakdown dashboard
  3. How to tell a data story using design elements such as flow and interactions
  4. Insight into several new Power BI features

Visit our blog post on the subject!


Jake Olsby



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Re: KPI Breakdown Scorecard by Decisive Data

Hi @jolsby,

Amazing work. I have one question, which visualization you have used for Trending section?