If I Were a Rich Man - A Bitcoin What-If Calculator

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If I Were a Rich Man - A Bitcoin What-If Calculator

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Many people will say that 2017 was the year of the Bitcoin. Whether you have invested in cryptocurrency or not, here is your best Power BI tool to play with different What-If scenarios. Select the initial invested amount, set the buy and sell dates, and enter the time machine.

You can also review all major news from 2017 that discuss Botcoin regulations (Source provided by webhose.io).


You can download the pbix file (latest pbix can be downloaded here), and learn some neat tricks:

  • How to connect to a Web Rest API (Coindesk) to get the current Bitcoin (Coindesk BPI) price and historical data.
  • How to split text into words, and load them into Word Cloud visual.
  • How to create the measures that are necessary for the What-If logic.
  • How to use a timeline, and toggle between two visual effects: Highlighted period, or zoom in.
  • Bookmarks are also used to flip between two pages.

If you love this report, please give a kudos. This submission is my first out of three submissions for the "Year in Review" contest. Check out my second submission here.

More technical details on this report will be shared on DataChant: https://datachant.com/2018/01/04/bitcoin-calculator-power-bi/


Data Sources:

1- Bitcoin regulation news dataset was obtained from webhose.io by filtering top 1000 News websites.

The data is vailable here: https://datachant.com/public/Bitcoin-News-Webhose-DataChant.zip

The Zip files were extracted manually to a folder. Power BI was used to append all json files.


2- Bitcoin historic prices are loaded from Coindesk: https://api.coindesk.com/v1/bpi/historical/close.json?start=2017-01-01&end=2018-12-31