GeekWire Data Visualization About Amazon Growth

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GeekWire Data Visualization About Amazon Growth

The most recent media outlet to leverage Microsoft Power BI and enhance a data story is GeekWire. Reporter Clare McGrane conducted a deeper dive on where Amazon’s latest growth has taken place and included an embedded report via Power BI publish to web containing five data visualizations for readers to drill down and explore the trends most interesting to them. The data visualizations topics featured in the report included the following:

  • Amazon Employees
  • Employee Growth in 2016
  • Prime Now Hubs
  • Fulfillment Centers and Growth
  • Sortation Centers and Delivery Stations


The reports feature maps of the U.S., horizontal bar charts, and vertical bar charts while staying in line with GeekWire’s branding and color scheme.


To read the full story and check out the report firsthand, please visit:

Microsoft Power BI Data Journalism Program
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Re: GeekWire Data Visualization About Amazon Growth

How did you get the arrows to different pages in the embadded report?