GAFAM Market Cap Comparison - 1980-2019 >The race to 1 Trillion value

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GAFAM Market Cap Comparison - 1980-2019 >The race to 1 Trillion value

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Market Capitalization is the measure that is mostly used by analysts to assess hegemony of a company over a sector, an industry, and even over the entire economy.


GAFAM are the new superpowers of our time. These 5 tech giants are also the 5 most valuable companies in the world. As Apple lost 75 Billion USD in trading day of January 3rd, 2019, which is quite much for a single company, I wanted to create a dashboard that shows market cap evolution of GAFAM since their IPO.

In order to do that, I collected the adjusted closing price of each company, each day, since 12/12/1980 (Apple's IPO), which I multiplied by the number of outsanding shares for each of them. The Result of that calculation is the firm's market capitalization.


PS : Several methods exist to calculate market capitalization. My own method is the following one  : 

Market Cap = [company's adjusted stock value as of YYYY//MM/DD] * [number of diluted outstanding shares as of YYYY//MM/DD]


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