FIFA World Cup at a Glance

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FIFA World Cup at a Glance


FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Here, I did some brief history analysis of FIFA World Cup. I like soccer a lot due to the reason I have decided to work something on FIFA historical champions and cover team grouping of the coming FIFA World cup “Russia 2018”.

For the historical analysis, I preferred to work on the “Time-line Storyteller”. This is a very strong tool and one can use it with different angle. There are two slides in the timeline storyteller, the 1st one is coving which team won the match in a particular year and which country had hosted the tournament. One can easily use the option of timeline representation, Scale and Layout (which is appearing at the top of the report). You can manage and design the output as per your desired.   However the 2nd slide is also showing another way of studying the data.

In the 2nd page, you can see the team grouping, continent wise team numbers, and team appearance in the FIFA world Cup, Team world ranking and number of time they won the title. You can also see the country location in the map which will be definitely useful for the students. In the map, the size of the bubble is based on the GDP of the economy. I am sure that the info will be useful for everyone.

I need your feedback on this Visualization of FIFA World cup. You can contact with me at for the  pbix file.




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