DAX Cheat Sheet - Success of CSS Selector

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DAX Cheat Sheet - Success of CSS Selector

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This report is sourcing from MS official DAX Reference site by using a dynamic way to extract the data based on CSS selector; Visit my blog for more Power BI tips and tricks: funbiworld.com



Using CSS selector to directly retrieve Functions Name and Link from the parent (DAX Category) page.  Then use Custom Functions to get details per each Link.


Key M Scripts:


    Source = Web.BrowserContents(DaxGroupURL),
    #"Extracted Table From Html" = Html.Table(Source, {{"FunctionName", "[id*=""api-doc-contents""] > H1,[id*=""api-doc-contents""] > P,[id*=""api-doc-contents""] > H2"},{"Link",  "a[href]",  each [Attributes][href]}},[RowSelector="[id*=""api-doc-contents""] > H1,[id*=""api-doc-contents""] > P,[id*=""api-doc-contents""] > H2"]),



Custom Visuals:

Using Hierarchy Slicer and Text Filter to make a better browsing experience.


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Re: DAX Cheat Sheet - Success of CSS Selector

Great job Eric!