2016 US Elections Analysis

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2016 US Elections Analysis

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Hello everyone,


I used Power BI to analyse the 2016 US presidential elections.

The idea is that you can easily visualise the data and make your own analysis !


- Page 2 : You can visualise the data on an interactive map at state-level 

- Page 3 : You can make a focus on 3 key states (Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan) at county-level and compare with 2012 results

- Page 4 : This page gives quite a few insights. It splits the # electoral votes by "Type" of states (Swing States, Democrat, Republican...), Electoral votes intervals. At the bottom right of this page, I computed the Margin on Popular votes (%) for each candidate -> we can easily see that D. Trump won shortly in the "big" states (i.e those with many electoral votes).

- Page 5 : The graph shows the correlation between H. Clinton votes and Poverty rate.



Don't forget to drill-down (especially on Page 4) so you can go deeper in your analysis and have a look at the tooltips which often give insightful additional information.


On the last page, you will find some details on the scope of the dashboard and the logic running behind some measures.


Feel free to give me your feedbacks & Enjoy !