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andreako Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Line and Stacked Column Chart using PowerBI

Dear all Expert, 


Good day! 

Urgently need guidance here. 


Target to convert current chart to PowerBI. 

Current Source Data and Charts looks (Screen1 & 2):- 




Try to simulate the data is same manners as excel file : 


Another source file 


Failed to get same layout using PowerBI, any advice for me what is missing , how should i do in order to get the same layout as excel? 





1. How the chart can be in monthly basis? Not sure what kinds of data format i should prepare in order to get the display in "month" block. 

2. How to change the mth01 become Jan'18 (Which maintain in another "Period" table) ? 

3. How the "Sales Total" and "Balance Total" can show in 2 lines only? 


Please locate PBIX

Power BI Report


Thank you in advance.