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Mmahachi Regular Visitor
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selected value is not taking alternate

hoping this is pretty simple... I have a dax measure that is supposed to supply the last fiscal period if nothing is selected, the problem is it just shows blank unless the fiscal period is in the visual either as an axis or a filter. I just want the card to show total revenue.


Total_Revenue = var FYPeriod = SELECTEDVALUE('Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod], LASTNONBLANK('Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod], SUM('Proj Detail'[YTDIncurredAmount])))
CALCULATE(SUM('Proj Detail'[YTDIncurredAmount]), 'Proj Detail'[RateType] <> "Actuals", 'CNPAccount'[SummaryCategory] = "Revenue" || 'CNPAccount'[SummaryCategory] ="Revenue Adjustment",'Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod] = FYPeriod)

Super User
Super User

Re: selected value is not taking alternate

-- You should create a measure first (name it something sensible, not Measure):

[Measure] = SUM ( 'Proj Detail'[YTDIncurredAmount] ) 

-- Then try this (measures and columns exposed in reports should not have underscores in their names):

[Total Revenue] =
VAR FYPeriod =
    HASONEVALUE( 'Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod] ),
    VALUES ( 'Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod] ),
    	'Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod],
        'Proj Detail'[RateType] <> "Actuals",
        	{ "Revenue", "Revenue Adjustment" },
        'Acct Period'[FiscalYearPeriod] = FYPeriod

The above might or might not work. This depends on the logic you want but since I can't know what you want, I'm giving you what I guess could work in your case. Bear in mind that boolean filters in CALCULATE overwrite filters coming from outside.




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