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letting a single datapoint be filtered by choice in another filter

Hi all,


I have a scatterplot that shows all data points from a data set.
For this scatterplot i have one filter at the moment, this is used with conditional formatting to highlight the choice of set filter in the scatterplot.
Now, in total i have 2 dataset (unfortunately i cannot share the datasets), one that has a fixed duration variable, on that does not have a fixed duration variable. 

The idea is as follows:
- for the scatterplot i want the highlighted variable (choice in filter 1) to change when a different duration is chosen. 

- The other variables that have not been chosen in want to still have the fixed duration, so they don't change whenever i select a different duration option.
- in short, i want my highlighted (chosen variable in filter) to change when an option in the duration filter is selected and the "non-chosen" variables to not change.

Is this doable with DAX or in any other way?
(i think this will be a DAX problem, thats why i posted it here)


I am thinking of some sort of way that the highlighted variable will come from the "non-fixed" duration dataset, and the other "non-selected" variables will come from the "fixed" dataset.

Is there a way to accomplish this?


Some more information with screenshot of the scatterplot:
The blue dot is my chosen company, the green dots are other companies that have not been chosen in the Company filter.
Now i have another filter called Duration
With this Duration filter i want to be able to filter the blue dot, and the blue dot only.
If another company is selected in the company filter, i now want for only that company to be affected by the duration filter and no other companyScreen Shot 2020-06-30 at 2.33.06 PM.png

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Just create a measure that returns 1 for the dot you want based on those filters of yours and BLANK for all the others. Then use the filtering pane to only show the dots where the measure is 1. Can't give you better advice, I'm afraid...

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Without any visualizations/pictures, it's really hard to understand what you need. You have to be more specific, I'm afraid.


Unfortunately I cannot share the data as it is private. I can however share a screenshot of the scatterplot if this would help?

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