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Using KPI Visualisation to visualize trends of change across consecutive indexes

I want to calculate the % change (usually across consecutive weeks) based on selected filter values and visualize them. The idx column represents the week number, the highest number being the most recent week (57 is the highest idx value). 

Under the hood, I want to group by index values, look at the sums of 'Job Count' for these groups, calculate the percentage change across the sums corresponding to consecutive indexes, and visualize this trend in the background of the KPI visualization. This weekly (usually) % change would be calculated on-the-fly based on custom values of filters etc. Can you please help me out with this? I have attached a snapshot of the data. Please let me know what other info you'd like me to provide. Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 9.59.30 am.png

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Hi @alindv ,

I create sample based on my understanding according to you describe, please check if it meets your needs.

My table:


Create a measure:

Percent Change =
VAR cur_index =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Table 2'[Index] )
VAR pre_index = cur_index - 1
VAR cur_jc =
    CALCULATE ( SUM ( 'Table 2'[Job Count] ), 'Table 2'[Index] = cur_index )
VAR pre_jc =
    CALCULATE ( SUM ( 'Table 2'[Job Count] ), 'Table 2'[Index] = pre_index )
VAR diff_jc = cur_jc - pre_jc
    DIVIDE ( diff_jc, pre_jc )

Create a KPI and Slicer visual, then add the fields and measure:



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Hey Luca, thanks for your reply. I have already implemented something like this. I am able to create measures for the two most recent values and calculate the % change between them as you have in your comment. However, I am trying to group by the 'idx' column (which takes values 1-57 representing the week number), calculate the % change of sums of Job Counts between two consecutive indexes/weeks, and map the 56 values for these % changes as a plot in the background of the KPI visualization.


So, in the KPI viz, I'd like the 'Trend' plot in the background to be a plot of the % change (y-axis) by week number (idx, x-axis). So, in your example, it's % change between 2 weeks just. I'd like it to be a plot for 57 weeks (56 data points) for % change between consecutive indexes. Please let me know how you would do that, or if you have any questions. Thanks.

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