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Unable to add condition on 2 measures.

Hi Team,


I have a scenarios where I need to create 2 measures with some logic and basedon the 2 measure i need to create a new column or measure based on a condition. 


2 measures Created 

 Measure 1SUMX(Purch,(Purch[Inovice-Amt] * RELATED(Currency_Conv[Curr_Conv])))

Measure 2SUM('Purch'[Invoice_Qty])
I need to create a measure/column based on the 2 measures defined above. 
Measure 3 :  If(Measure 1 < 0 and Measure 2 > 0 ,0 , Measure 2)  
I am able to create the measure but unable to get the desired output for which my My data in table is mismatching. 
For few Id's I am getting multiple rows which it is being summarized and giving correct values to Measure 1 and Measure 2. But for Measure 3 it should show as 0 but its showing my measure 2 value as it falling in else statement. I knew something is missing in measure 3 calculation. I would need it output of measure 3 as 0 not measure 2. 
I mean how do I write in measure 3 that it should check summarized value for both Measure 1 and Measure 2 based on that it should calculate measure 3 not row by row.
Please guide me how to implement Measure 3 .
Highly appreciate for the help.
Thanks in advance.
Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Can you share some sample data?


Hi @stevedep ,


Thanks for the response. Below is the sample data


PIDP_DescPurch_groupMeasure 1Measure 2 Measure 3


But I need to get as below  where i am unable to add condition in Measure 3 to get as below output. For measure 3 third row I need to get 0 but getting 329. 

PIDP_DescPurch_groupMeasure 1Measure 2 Measure 3


Thanks in advance.


@korare532 ,

Try a measure like


Sumx(values(Table[PID]), If([Measure 1] < 0 && [Measure ] > 0 ,0 , [Measure 2]))


Sumx(Summarize(Table[PID],"_1", If([Measure 1] < 0 && [Measure ] > 0 ,0 , [Measure 2])),[_1])

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