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Transforming a Calculated Column into a Variable inside a Measure

I have the following Calculated column to figure out if which rows hold the latest versions of data

MaxDate = CALCULATE(MAX(ProjectsTable[Metric Date]),FILTER(ProjectsTable, Projects[Project Name]=EARLIER(ProjectsProject Name])))

Followed by this second calculated column which acts as a Flag 

LatestValue = If(ProjectTable[Metric Date] = ProjectTable[MaxDate], 1, 0)

Ultimately I'm trying to fit both of these inside a Measure as variables so the result can be dynamically filtered.

My problem is that the first column is a formula that doesn't work inside a measure. I'm getting errors with it. 


I tried playing around with it with something like this but to no avail

Var FilterDate = MAX(ProjectTable'[Metric Date])
Var LastUpdate = 
    IF(MAX(Project Table[Metric Date]) <= FilterDate, 1, 0), VALUES(ProjectTable[Project Name]))

Note, the VALUES is because I need to filter latest date per Project name (different projects have different latest dates).


Thanks for any help!


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