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Resolver II
Resolver II

Top80% sales from X units of companies

Hi DAX expert, Can you help with the DAX : How many companies contributed to the Top80% of Sales.. TopN.JPG

Resolver I
Resolver I

Re: Top80% sales from X units of companies

Hi @malcolmwun , because I always break down my measures into pieces to make it easier to write, read and understand, I'd write my measures like below, assuming your final result should be a number.


  1. Number of Companies = COUNT(YourTable[Customer Name])
  2. No of Companies above 80% = CALCULATE([Number of Companies], YourTable[Share Cumulative] > 0.8)

If this answers your question, kindly kudo and mark as solution to enable many more people gain from it.

Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: Top80% sales from X units of companies

how do i write the DAX if i do not have a Cumulative calculation column?

Not applicable

Re: Top80% sales from X units of companies

// Say you have:
// 1. Dimension Customer
// 2. Fact Sales
// and they're connected this way:
// Customer 1:* Sales
// This is somewhat standard.
// Apart from this there are maybe
// other dimensions connected to
// the fact table.
// You need to define the following:

[Sales] = sum(Sales[Sales])

// Idea: Go through all selected/visible customers
// and find their cumulative share relative
// to the all the selected/visible customers.
// Once you have the table, find the number of
// them with cumulative share <= 80%.

// Attention: This measure
// is to be used on its own. If you put
// it in a table that displays Customers
// one by one, you'll get a correct result
// but NOT what you expect. It means it'll
// calculate something different than what
// you think it should calculate.

// Assumption: Customer[Customer Name] is
// unique. If not, then [Customer Name]
// should be replaced with a unique identifier
// in the Customer dimension.

[#Cust Where Cumul Sales <= 80%] =
var __threshold = .8
var __totalSales = [Sales]
var __custsWithSales =
		values(Customer[Customer Name]),
		"CustSales", [Sales]
var __custsCount =
			var __currentSales = [CustSales]
			var __cummulativeSales =
					[CustSales] * ([CustSales] >= __currentSales)
				divide(__cummulativeSales, __totalSales) <= __threshold

Please bear in mind that I've written this without actually running it because I don't have time to create a model and populate with data. You might need to adjust this but I think it should be OK. Let me know if it's not.




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