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Summarize requirement of Total Child Components for a selected Parent Item

Hi All ,


This is my first post to this forum , I apologize if I am not able to phrase my question correctly . My query is as follows : 


I have a Bill of Material of around 700+ SKUs - wherein there is a forecasted demand plotted for these SKUs spread across months. 


I want to calculate the sum of all the child components [Buy Components] that will be required to assemble a SKU & multiply this demand forecasted figure . 


Pasting Data herewith for better illustration


BOM Table




Forecast Table




So if I want to build 10 quantities of SKU ID XX-3363 in Oct , I should get output as [BOM QTY] * [Respective Month] applicable for respective SKU


Parent Item XX-3363 has 21-70 as one of the child item whose qty is 1 pc per BOM , to meet demand of 10 pcs for Oct , I will have to procure 1x10=10 pcs - so on so forth for rest of the months.


Parent Item XX-3364 has 29-25 as one of the child item whose qty is 1 pc per BOM , to meet demand of 30 pcs for Oct , I will have to procure 1x30=30 pcs - so on so forth for rest of the months.


Case 2 : It is possible that one child part will be part of two different SKUs[Parent Item] , so my formula should sum requirements from both the SKUs


Foreast Table will have Unique SKU ID per row , Quantity table will have complete BOM of respective SKU as shown in above image


I am looking for a measure to calulcate the demand & plot it in a matrix / Table to have consolidated demand for that month


If you have need any more information , please do let me know - I will provide the same.


THanks and desperately awaiting your expert comments on this. 


- Aaditya

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Super User

Please keep in mind that Power BI is a reporting tool, it is not a resource management application. You should have professional material allocation programs to handle this task.

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