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Helper I

Slicer - Filter By 1 of 3 columns

I am trying to be able to give the end-user the ability to filter by 1 of 3 columns, but not any more than that. The columns are MarketSegment, Source, and SourceSummary.


I have the following dataset; just a small sample:

09/10/20ConsumedOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel Agent759.94
03/22/19ConsumedNational CorporateDirect ReservationNCC313.47
06/28/19ConsumedOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel Agent1871.29
10/30/19CancelledDiscount/PromoNational Call CenterNCC151.99
04/15/19CancelledDiscount/PromoDirect ReservationNCC90.24
09/12/19ConsumedDiscount/PromoDirect ReservationNCC582.51
08/10/19ConsumedOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel Agent1713.37
10/07/20ConsumedRetailDirect ReservationNCC579.96
05/04/20ConsumedOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel AgentsOnline Travel Agent94.99
01/24/19ConsumedLocal CorporateDirect ReservationNCC94.99
04/15/19CancelledDiscount/PromoDirect ReservationNCC179.38
07/25/19ConsumedLocal CorporateNational Call CenterNCC380
10/09/19ConsumedOnline Travel AgentsGlobal Dist. SystemGDS787.95

I would like the end-user to be able to select which column they want to filter by:


Then potentially this would filter another slicer to show those values:


I have tried a few different data models and I cannot figure out a way to do this.


Anyone have any ideas?


Super User
Super User

@zfemmer using Power Qurey, you can create a table to combine three columns like this


then add Category and Content to two slicers respectively, and use the measure like this

TTL = CALCULATE(SUM(SampleTable[BookedRevenue]),FILTER(SampleTable,SampleTable[MarketSegment] IN VALUES(SlicerTable[Content])||SampleTable[Source] IN VALUES(SlicerTable[Content])||SampleTable[SourceSummary] IN VALUES(SlicerTable[Content])))

finally, the result as below



Super User
Super User



This thread will help you.


Create a field in a reference table that will have the values 'Market Segment', 'Source' and 'Source Summary'.


Add the field above in chiclet slicer visual (if you want). The buttons are shown as in your image


Then create the measure


My variabele col =

VAR Selection =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Ref table'[Variable] )

    SWITCH (

        "Market Segment", MAX ( 'Maintable'[Market] ),
        "Source", MAX ( 'Maintable'[Source] ),
        "Source Summary", MAX ( 'Maintable'[SourceSummary] )


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