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SUBTOTAL SUM DAX Measure in if Parent Hierarchy selected in Pivot Table

Hi All,


I have this DAX measure which is calculated based on other measures: 




This works at the Row level but the Subtotals in Excel Pivot table does not return correct value.  What it does it sums up the individual fileds and apply the formual on the summed value rather than summing up all the values at row level. 




As you can see, the Subtotal is being returned as .0017914 whereas it should be returning .0018314 which is the SUM value of Sum_Measure _1. From what i have read so far, i can use HASONEVALUE or ISFILTERED to make this work but it still didnt return what was excpected. This is what i wrote:



IF(ISFILTERED(Table[Product Type]),(([Sales_Measure]/[Quantity_Measure])-
[Quantity_Measure3]/1000,SUMX(VALUES(Table[Product Type]),(([Sales_Measure]/[Quantity_Measure])-


Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?


Thank you!


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Re: SUBTOTAL SUM DAX Measure in if Parent Hierarchy selected in Pivot Table

@dsingh1088 can you share sample data and the measure expression you used in your calculation and what exactly you are looking for? May be put it in sample excel file and example it there. 

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