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RSCustomDaxFilter - Paginated Report

Hi Team, 


I'm working on paginated report. I want to make Last Name and Worker Id parameters optional. User can seleter either Worker Id or Last Name. Can you please help me add a Or conditon in RSCustomDaxFilter? In case user selects Work Id, Last Name should be passed as null. 


EVALUATE SUMMARIZECOLUMNS('Sample Data'[First Name], 'Sample Data'[Last Name], 'Sample Data'[Worker ID], 'Sample Data'[License Number], 'Sample Data'[Jurisdiction], 'Sample Data'[JurisdictionDesc], 'Sample Data'[Company Name], 'Sample Data'[EmployeeOfficeLocation], 'Sample Data'[Processing Date], 'Sample Data'[Author/Content Credits], 'Sample Data'[Instructor Credits], 'Sample Data'[Learner Credits], 'Sample Data'[Carry Applied], 'Sample Data'[Rule Applied], 'Sample Data'[subjectType], 'Sample Data'[courseCode], 'Sample Data'[providerRegistryNumber(Sponsor ID)], 'Sample Data'[providerName], 'Sample Data'[courseLocationState], 'Sample Data'[Multi-Year RP End Date], 'Sample Data'[Multi-Year RP Start Date], 'Sample Data'[courseDateEnd], 'Sample Data'[courseDateStart], 'Sample Data'[courseDeliveryMethod], 'Sample Data'[courseName], 'Sample Data'[Limitation Reason], RSCustomDaxFilter(@SampleDataLastName,EqualToCondition,[Sample Data].[Last Name],String), RSCustomDaxFilter(@SampleDataJurisdictionDesc,EqualToCondition,[Sample Data].[JurisdictionDesc],String), RSCustomDaxFilter(@SampleDataWorkerID,EqualToCondition,[Sample Data].[Worker ID],String))







Regular Visitor


RSCustomDaxFilter is a dynamic expression. Maybe you can transform it in general Dax-Code like FILTER()

and add the OR()-function and combine it with the ISBLANK()-function for your optional parameter.


I will try to explain it with your example...


RSCustomDaxFilter(@SampleDataLastName,EqualToCondition,[Sample Data].[Last Name],String)




FILTER(VALUES('Sample Data'[Last Name]), OR(('Sample Data'[Last Name] = @SampleDataLastName), ISBLANK(@SampleDataLastName)))


Best regards.

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