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Most recent value based on two variables

Good evening


I have looking to create a formula to find the latest stock valuation on a product by product basis.


I have a field which identifies the last date and time, which i have used for a filter.  However, we can have multiple transaction recorded with the same date and time.


We have a second field call unique id.  However, this value is reset every month then.


Therefore, i need to understand if we can have a dax formula to identify the max date, and then the max unique ID.


By current formula is:


Current_Valuation = calculate(SUMX(Stock_Value,Stock_Value[newcost]),filter(Stock_Value,Stock_Value[New Date]=MAX(Stock_Value[New Date])))

I have tried this formula, but as some of the unique id can be higher in other periods, it doesn't always return a value.  For example on 31 July 2019, as unique id could be 456678, but on 1 August, the unique id resets, and now could read 345.


Current_Valuation = calculate(SUMX(Stock_Value,Stock_Value[newcost]),filter(Stock_Value,Stock_Value[New Date]=MAX(Stock_Value[New Date]) && Stock_Value[uniqueno]=max(Stock_Value[uniqueno])))



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Memorable Member

If I understand, you're trying to get the latest date, and the max id associated with that date?

Using variables will make this easier to read. Additionally, SUMX is a row iterator, and can be quite slow on large data sets.


Try this:


Current_Valuation =
var _MaxDate = MAX(Stock_Value[New Date]) var _MaxID = CALCULATE(MAX(Stock_Value[uniqueno]),Stock_Value[New Date] = _MaxDate) RETURN CALCULATE(SUM(Stock_Value[newcost]) ,Stock_Value[New Date]=_MaxDate ,Stock_Value[uniqueno]=_MaxID )


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Thank you - this helps to select the right values.  I have used the same fomula to calculate by quantity also:


Current_Quantity = 
var _MaxDate = MAX(Stock_Value[New Date]) 
var _MaxID = CALCULATE(MAX(Stock_Value[uniqueno]),Stock_Value[New Date] = _MaxDate) 
CALCULATE(SUM(Stock_Value[lev]) ,Stock_Value,Stock_Value[New Date]=_MaxDate,Stock_Value[uniqueno]=_MaxID )

It does create a couple of additional queries:


Firstly, the sum correctly - for example, total quantity states 50, rather than something 417,380


Secondly, they a filter the data by a product type rather than a stock code, this doesn't work.  Is this were SUMX would work.


Can you help me?

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