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vissvess Member

Max utilization at any point - reg



I have a dataset as shown below.


There are two calculated columns in it. The DAX for both is as follows.


Duration = 
var __currentCreator = 'Build routing'[Creator]
var __currentRouting = 'Build routing'[Unit Status]
var __currentDate = 'Build routing'[Date]
var __currentTime = 'Build routing'[End Time]
var __previousTime =
            'Build routing',
            'Build routing'[Creator] = __currentCreator
            && 'Build routing'[Date] = __currentDate
            && 'Build routing'[Unit Status] = __currentRouting
            && 'Build routing'[End Time] < __currentTime
        'Build routing'[End Time]
var __timeDiff = DATEDIFF(__previousTime, __currentTime, SECOND)
var __Duration = IF(__timeDiff>360,BLANK(),__timeDiff)
Start Time = 
var endtime = 'Build routing'[End Time]
var minute = ROUNDDOWN(DIVIDE('Build routing'[Duration],60),0)
var second = MOD('Build routing'[Duration],60)
return endtime - TIME(0,minute,second)

With this data I have built a gantt-like chart for showing the usage pattern as below using 'as timeline' custom visual from marketplace. The below is with filter applied for a particular date.








The visual uses the creator column on Y axis and start and end time accross X to show usage as above with filter for date.


Since the visual was built for project timeline for date/days and I used it for time data, the X axis values are shown as :10.


My query is, I need a measure. The measure to max count of number of creator at any point of time in the particular day.

For example, the above image shows that arond 9~10 AM, there are 5 creators in place and that is the maximum accross the day, despite overall 8 appeared out of 14 creators accross the day.


Also, Could anyone suggest me a visual for appropriate x axis correction.


Any small help would be greatly thankful



vissvess Member

Re: Max utilization at any point - reg

Anyone could kindly help me with this.??!

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