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Matrix weighted averages in subtotals and total



Is there someone who can help me by the following.


I have the folowing table:


Table: Salesman   
RegionSalesman Sales Budget Margin IndexMargin Budget
AA1        1.000.000,0050        500.000,00
AA2        2.000.000,0060     1.200.000,00
AA3        2.500.000,0055     1.375.000,00
BB1        2.000.000,0060     1.200.000,00
BB2        4.000.000,0045     1.800.000,00
BB3        3.000.000,0055     1.650.000,00
CC1        1.500.000,0055        825.000,00
CC2        2.000.000,0050     1.000.000,00
CC3        6.000.000,0040     2.400.000,00
Total       24.000.000,00   11.950.000,00
Region A AVG Margin Index                55,91 
Region B AVG Margin Index                51,67 
Region C AVG Margin Index                44,47 
Total AVG Margin Index                49,79 


And I want to put it in a matrix like the one below:

Subtotals by region and a grand total

1) Sales Budget is a SUM

2) Margin Budget is a Sum

3) Margin Index is a weighted AVERAGE (this is the one I am fighting with !!!!)



Requested Visual Power BI Matrix  
RegionSalesman Sales Budget Margin IndexMargin Budget
A         5.500.000,0055,91     3.075.000,00
 A1        1.000.000,0050,00        500.000,00
 A2        2.000.000,0060,00     1.200.000,00
 A3        2.500.000,0055,00     1.375.000,00
B         9.000.000,0051,67     4.650.000,00
 B1        2.000.000,0060,00     1.200.000,00
 B2        4.000.000,0045,00     1.800.000,00
 B3        3.000.000,0055,00     1.650.000,00
C         9.500.000,0044,47     4.225.000,00
 C1        1.500.000,0055,00        825.000,00
 C2        2.000.000,0050,00     1.000.000,00
 C3        6.000.000,0040,00     2.400.000,00
Total       24.000.000,0049,79  11.950.000,00



Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi, this post could be helpful in your case.



John Bocachica
Senior BI Consultant
Information Workers

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