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Helper III
Helper III

MAX Measure calculating total & additional rows in Matrix

I have created a MAX Measure..


MAX Measure = MAXX(ALLSELECTED('Sales Header'[Sell-to Customer Name]),[Sales Line Amount])
Which is working fine as it is catching the max value of all the quotes (third level in hierarchy) relating to the first level in my hierarchy.
However the measure is also calculating the max value of each of the quotes in the matrix. How can I amend my DAX to get it to not do so..
Additionally, it is also summing the MAX value in the column total...
...across all the lines and would prefer that to not happen.
Have tried calculated column instead but with no success. Fields included in the matrix hierarchy are all from the same table.
Any ideas please?
Super User
Super User

Hi @Tob_P 

please try

MAX Measure =
IF (
    NOT ISEMPTY ( VALUES ( 'Sales Header'[Sell-to Customer Name] ) ),
    MAXX (
        ALLSELECTED ( 'Sales Header'[Sell-to Customer Name] ),
        [Sales Line Amount]

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