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Inconsistency between streaming tile and Q&A tile

Created the tiles using the Real time streaming dataset and Q&A (add tile -> real time data, we are using the same dataset whsing for Q & A). but when comparing the both tiles, Q&A tile is showing the data in delay.


For example : Created the Real time tile to display the new data is adding and Q&A for Sum of the added data.

Tiles are refreshing fine but in Real time tile is just showing the new value is 1 but in Q&A it is showing more than 1 means if value is 3505 it is showing as 3507/3508

Storage is different for Live and Q&A tiles and they use different pattern to query data. 

We shouldn’t compare results between static dataset vs streaming dataset. In this issue we are comparing Q&A query results (which is served from static dataset) and other one is streaming dataset. 

We want to show aggregated sum of events that is why we are using Q&A query out of hybrid dataset. This dataset results has some latency as they both have different pipeline to execute query.

We were suggested to aggregate at Azure streaming job side and produce sum column as new column in streaming dataset. So that we can show sum column in different streaming tile. 

ASA has concept of combine queries using WITH statement.


Can anyone help me how to create aggregate at Azure streaming job side and produce sum column as new column in steaming dataset?

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