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How to calculate time difference for a calculated date/time difference in total hours


I did a lot of research and finally ended up with the suitable command i needed... BUT
It doesn´t show me the total hours (26:00:00) as soon it is crossing the date.
So i need to find out the hours between two departure date/times so that i can analyze the duration between... This is required to create some output that helps me to identify required hotelbookings...


So what i want to achieve:
Departure 1 = 07/23/2021 12:00:00
Departure 2 = 07/25/2021 08:00:00

= 44:00:00 hours -> (minus the duration of the trip as example 9 hours = 35 hours -> I need a room for two nights





I´m so frustrated......
and i just can´t hide it....

I´m about to lose my mind AND I DONT LIKE IT !!! 😛

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

var Time1 = date(2021, 7, 23) + 12/24
// Adding a float to a date is like adding
// time to it. For instance, if you want
// to add, say, 10 hours to a date, 
// you add 10/24 since there are 24 hours
// in a day. If you want to add, say, 251
// minutes, you add 251/(24*60) since
// there are 24 * 60 minutes in a day.
// The same patterns continues for any amount
// of time.
var Time2 = date(2021, 7, 24) + 10/24 // add 10 hours
var TimeDiffInDays = 1 * (Time2 - Time1)
var TimeDiffInHours = TimeDiffInDays * 24
        {(Time1, Time2, TimeDiffInDays, TimeDiffInHours)},
        "Start Date", [Value1],
        "End Date", [Value2],
        "Time Diff In Days", [Value3],
        "Time Diff In Hours", [Value4]

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