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How to calculate Sales/OPEX/... % from general ledger

Hello everyone!


I am trying to calculate certain percentages like sales percentage, opex percentage and visualize it on PBI. I know that I have to make some new measures like 'Total Revenue', 'Total OPEX' and then divide it by a grand total, but the problem is that I have these data all in one table (the general ledger). I don't know how I can compute the total for one specific account number (let's say the 70-account, which represents the sales revenue), because the data is not seperated in different tables.


(So, to give you guys a bit more context, the general ledger table consists of all the account numbers that are present in the company and represents all the movements in these account numbers. There is also always an amount connected with a line in the table. For example, when there is an sales invoice, this invoice is one specific line in the table.)


Do you guys know how I can do this?


Many thanks in advance!



Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @DM0010 ,


You should use the CALCULATE if you have the account column, for example


Total_Revenue =


 SUM ( [Amount]),

 FILTER ( 'Table', LEFT ( [Account_column], 2) = "70")




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