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Help getting value of a measure based on category index

I have three measures AveOnHand (beg inventory for batch), Needs (cumulative demand by date) and Balance ([AvgOnHand]-[Needs]).  I am working with dated batches of product. I need to add the final value of Balance from the oldest batch (index 4) to the beginning inventory of the next batch (index 5.)  In the following example, I need to add -750 to 1227. 


How might I accomplish this? I've spent lots of time searching around and trying various Dax solutions, but I can't get the desired result.

Thanks for any help!




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Super User IV

Re: Help getting value of a measure based on category index

First, Please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:


Second, See my article on Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) which uses EARLIER:


Third, it is probably something like:

Column =
  VAR __Batch = [Index]
  VAR __PreviousBatch = [Index] - 1
  VAR __OldestPreviousDate = MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Index] = __PreviousBatch),[FutureProdDate])
  VAR __PreviousBalance = MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Index] = __PreviousBatch && [FutureProdDate] = __OldestPreviousDate,[Balance])
  VAR __OldestCurrentDate = MAXX(FILTER('Table',[Index] = __Batch),[FutureProdDate])
  IF('Table'[FutureProdDate] = __OldestCurrentDate,[Balance] + __PreviousBalance,[Balance])



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