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Getting MAX date from a table with conditions from unrelated table

New to DAX. Table X has many records let's say for October 1, 2020 with date/time. 

I am trying to get the MAX date from table X that has a start date  >= Table Y -30/1440 and start date <= Table Y + 5/1440.  

So table Y also has many records for date/time on October 1, 2020. Tables X and Y are unrelated. 




Table X

10/01/2020 12:50:00 AM
10/01/2020 02:27:23 AM
10/01/2020 02:34:37 AM
10/01/2020 03:57:35 AM
10/01/2020 05:20:58 AM


Table Y

10/1/20 12:46 AM10/1/20 2:23 AM
10/1/20 2:31 AM10/1/20 3:54 AM
10/1/20 3:54 AM10/1/20 5:17 AM
10/1/20 5:17 AM10/1/20 6:51 AM
10/1/20 6:51 AM10/1/20 8:09 AM


So Table Y has 10/1/20 12:46 AM and 10/1/20 2:23 AM (12:46 AM is used for the calculation).  So the MAX date out of Table X that falls between the red values is 10/01/2020 12:50:00 AM. 


The jist is that for a given date, I want to get the max date out of a range in another (unrelated) table using said given date. I know this is confusing.


Can't figure out a way to do this or if its even possible. Any thoughts?

Super User III
Super User III

Assuming you're doing the calculation in context of Table Y then? 


For example, as a new COLUMN in tableY:


TableXDate = MAXX(FILTER(TableX, TableX[Date] >= TableY[Date] -30/1440 && TableX[Date] <= TableY[Date] + 5/1440), TableX[Date])

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