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Helper I
Helper I

FILTER SELECTEDVALUE unable to conver text type into true/false

I am looking for values in a previous time range.
But the problem is i can't use my filters segments !
Q-1 = CALCULATE(COUNT('Client'[Client Name]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX('Date'[Date]),-1,Quarter),
FILTER('Client', SELECTEDVALUE('Client'[Entity])
1) My entity are the country codes : UK, US etc ... how can i perform this ?
2) Whats the difference between ALLSELECTEDVALUES and SELECTEDVALUE ? Does selectedvalue will take in count all my segments ?
Resolver III
Resolver III

I guess the Client's table is your dimension table and it is a one-to-many relationship with your fact table. If yes,
please try to put the fact table into Calculate parameter first.



In fact i have a date dimension table + a client table.

if the client table is your fact table. 

please try amitchandak's method. 

Super User IV
Super User IV

@Jonito , You need to do like


CALCULATE(COUNT('Client'[Client Name]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX('Date'[Date]),-1,Quarter),
FILTER('Client', 'Client'[Entity] = SELECTEDVALUE('Client'[Entity])




CALCULATE(COUNT('Client'[Client Name]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX('Date'[Date]),-1,Quarter),
FILTER('Client', 'Client'[Entity] in allselected('Client'[Entity])


but why you need this filter when the column name is the same, this will filter the table anyway. This is needed only when column is coming from independent table or from some other column

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In fact using your previous query :

Active Total Subs = var _max = maxx(ALLSELECTED('Date'),
'Date'[Date]) return CALCULATE(COUNT('Client'[Name]), filter('Client', 'Client'[Date Begin] <= _max && 'Client'[Date End] >=_max))

I would replace -> maxx(ALLSELECTED('Date'), 'Date'[Date])
By -> LASTDATE(PREVIOUSQUARTER('Date'[Date])) and do the same for the 4 other quarter rollup.


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