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Evaluate all results for specific patient

Hi All


I have a list of patients and their various blood test results. Below is dummy data to futher explain what I need to evaluate.


NameMeasure TypeDate TakenResultMeasure Confilcts
Jason MoorHbA1c2018/06/1310.3Proximity Conflict
Jason MoorHbA1c2018/05/1310.1Proximity Conflict
Jason MoorHbA1c2019/10/137.6 
David MasonHbA1c2017/11/036.9Proximity Conflict
David MasonHbA1c2019/12/016.6 
David MasonHbA1c2017/10/038.6Proximity Conflict


I need a dax function that will evaluate HbA1c results for a patient and flag any results that were taken within 2 months of each other as Proximity Conflict.


In the table above, Jason Moor has 3 results, 2 of which are taken within a month of each other. I need to flag both of them as Proximity Conflicts because of this.


I tried using the below calculated column:

Measure Conflicts = SWITCH( TRUE(), 'Measure'[Measure Type] = "HbA1c" &&
'Measure'[Date] <= 'Measure'[HbA1c DateAdd]*, "Proximity Conflict (A1c)")
*'Measure{HbA1c DateAdd] = 
IF('Measure'[Measure Type] = "HbA1c",
DATE(YEAR('Measure'[OccurrenceDate]),MONTH('Measure'[OccurrenceDate])+2 ,DAY('Measure'[OccurrenceDate])))
What this calculated column does is evaluate only the row. I need it to evaluate all results for the measure type of HbA1c for the specific patient.
Please help.
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Re: Evaluate all results for specific patient

@thabz_mogale Please try below measure

Measure 2 = 
VAR _date = MAX('Table'[Date Taken])
VAR _previousDate = CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Date Taken]),FILTER(ALLEXCEPT('Table','Table'[Name]),'Table'[Date Taken]<_date && 'Table'[Measure Type]= "HbA1c"))
VAR _nextdate = CALCULATE(MIN('Table'[Date Taken]),FILTER(ALLEXCEPT('Table','Table'[Name]),'Table'[Date Taken]>_date  && 'Table'[Measure Type]= "HbA1c"))
RETURN IF(DATEDIFF(_date,_nextdate,MONTH)=1||DATEDIFF(_previousDate,_date,MONTH)=1,"Proximity Conflict")

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Re: Evaluate all results for specific patient

@vimal_parmar thank you for taking the time to help. I tried your solution but I could not get it to work on my report. I even tried using it on a separate power bi report but it just would not load any results, it reqiures a lot of memory and would end up timing out. I cant even tell you if it works or not because it does not being back any results. I use a 8th Gen i7 8GB ram laptop and it would not load results. Intead it gives me this Error Message:
"There's not enough memory to complete this operation. Please try again later when there may be more memory available." 

Any way I can troubleshoot this performance issue?

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