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Dynamic Table in DAX expression

Hello All,

I have the below dataset of products and store information. I would like to have a simple DAX Expression which returns Product and total sales.

Main Dataset:

CityProduct AProduct BProduct CProduct D
New York2356


The expected result in DAX expression:

Product TypeTotal Sales
Product A18
Product B11
Product C19
Product D15

I don't mind writing hardcoded values for the Product. Basically, I would like to write some DAX expression like

Create new table

 > Add row ( "Product A", Sum(ProductA),

 > Add row ( "Product B", Sum(ProductB)

Return Table.

I don't want to create a separate calculated table as it doesn't sync with the main dataset on using a filter so looking to created Dax expression which will return the table and also remains in sync with the main dataset so whenever the filters are changed my values in the Dax table also changes.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Super User
Super User

Hi @jayjay99 


This seems quite straight forward, please go into query editor and select your product columns and unpivot them,
you'll get a desired result and for this you might not require dax as well, just drag the columns and it would sum up your data or you can use measure as well.


Query Editor, unpivot.JPG


Ankit Kukreja

Ankit Kukreja

Hi Ankit,


Thanks for replying. In my case the unpivot option won't work so looking for a measure option here which returns the product and it's total. Will be great if you can tell me the DAX expression for the same.





Not sure what you were looking for exactly, but unpivot would be the best approach considering the scenario you have shared here. But, if you've some other requirements, then please use below dax for getting the same results.

Sales by Product =


SELECTCOLUMNS( 'Table (2)' , "Product A" , "Product A" , "Sales" , 'Table (2)'[Product A] ),

SELECTCOLUMNS( 'Table (2)' , "Product B" , "Product B" , "Sales" , 'Table (2)'[Product B] ),

SELECTCOLUMNS( 'Table (2)' , "Product C" , "Product C" , "Sales" , 'Table (2)'[Product C] ),

SELECTCOLUMNS( 'Table (2)' , "Product D" , "Product D" , "Sales" , 'Table (2)'[Product D] )


Ankit Kukreja

Ankit Kukreja

Hi Ankit,

I tried above formula and it gave me the error viz. The expression refers to multiple columns. Multiple columns cannot be converted to a scalar value.

Did you tried this dax in your test pbix ?IF so, can you please upload the sample pbix ?

Hi @jayjay99 


You're right this will not work in measure, i've used this as a Calculated table.
I missed you're point that you don't need a calculated table. So I'll let other folks provide you the solution, as I'm not aware about the same.

Will post my solution, when I'll get to it.




Ankit Kukreja

Select columns will return only one column so this won't work in this situation

Hi @jayjay99 


I believe calculate table or unpivot is the only option according to me.

Let's see if we can get any other solution.




Ankit Kukreja

Calculate table will have an issue of static data. Because it won't have dynamic data. Unpivot is also a one-time solution and the same challenge of static data. Thanks, Ankit for looking into though.

Hi @jayjay99 

But, unpivot would be added as a step in your query editor and it would update as your data is updated everytime. Just thinking it out loud, if you might have missed that point.
Anyways, thanks and good luck.

Ankit Kukreja

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