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davidtabacman Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Duration to time

Hi Community, 

I have a column with a duration in sec.

I need to transform this into time HH:MM:SS

First, I did 3 new columns:

-Hour = ROUNDDOWN(table[duration]/3600,0) 

-Minute = ROUNDDOWN((table[duration]-table[Hour]*3600)/60,0)

-Second = table[duration] - (table[Hour]*3600 + table[Minute]*60)

Now that I have the hours, minutes and seconds, I want to get all together in a time format:

-Time = time(table[Hour], table[Minute],table[Second])


But, I'm having 2 issues:

The first one is that the time is not shown only as HH:MM:SS but as 30/12/1899 HH:MM:SS
The second one is that in some cases the calculation is not working, for example there are durations with 94 minutes (that should be 1 hour and 34 minutes)


natabird3 Member

Re: Duration to time

To be honest i do not think you will be able to make it work in Power Bi to dispaly this way. I have tried many options, and unfortunately currently is not supported as far as i am aware. 

davidtabacman Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Duration to time

I think you are right.

I tried another 2 totally different ways, that logically should work, and get the same (mistaken) result.


thampton Member

Re: Duration to time

@davidtabacman If you are wanting to use a measure and not a column , ive had success with the measure below. All you need is a measure that sums up the seconds. 


Duration = // Duration formatting
// * @konstatinos 1/25/2016
// * Given a number of seconds, returns a format of "hh:mm:ss"
// We start with a duration in number of seconds
VAR Duration = *Put your measure here*
// There are 3,600 seconds in an hour
VAR Hours =
INT ( Duration / 3600)
// There are 60 seconds in a minute
VAR Minutes =
INT ( MOD( Duration - ( Hours * 3600 ),3600 ) / 60)
// Remaining seconds are the remainder of the seconds divided by 60 after subtracting out the hours
VAR Seconds =
ROUNDUP(MOD ( MOD( Duration - ( Hours * 3600 ),3600 ), 60 ),0) // We round up here to get a whole number
// These intermediate variables ensure that we have leading zero's concatenated onto single digits
// Hours with leading zeros
IF ( LEN ( Hours ) = 1,
CONCATENATE ( "0", Hours ),
CONCATENATE ( "", Hours )
// Minutes with leading zeros
IF (
LEN ( Minutes ) = 1,
CONCATENATE ( "0", Minutes ),
CONCATENATE ( "", Minutes )
// Seconds with leading zeros
IF (
LEN ( Seconds ) = 1,
CONCATENATE ( "0", Seconds ),
CONCATENATE ( "", Seconds )
// Now return hours, minutes and seconds with leading zeros in the proper format "hh:mm:ss"

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