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Distribute remaining workload of employee over following days

Hello everyone,


the following example describes an employee who has a certain amount of time per day (Column Working Hours) to complete his workload (Column Workload). This workload may exceed the daily working hours of the employee. Thus the remaining workload has to be completed on the following working days until the job is done. I want to calculate in a calculated column with DAX how many hours the employee spends per day to complete his workload (Column Expected Result).




OneDrive link to pbix file:!AsTk_qcLgouZrxXJkYlX3owxuTvg?e=0PAZ9M


Is there a way to achieve this goal? I failed to solve this issue so far, because all my approaches tend to be recursive. I always stumble over circular dependencies.

Best regards,



Super User
Super User

Because such things should be calculated in Power Query, not in DAX.

Thank you for the reply,

i am afraid that i am dependent on DAX because my planned calculation is an extension of an already existing report. My example is simplified. The working hours are calculated by a bunch of complicated measures whose results are not available in the power query transformation stage.

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