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Dax Measure for Commission Amount based on # Sales Between Two Numbers

I am attempting to create a dax measure that will calculate the total commission amount based on a filter of "eligible for payout" and the # Sales between two numbers. So if Validation 1 Column = "Eligible for Payout" and the # Sales Column is between 0-6 then I want to take the # Sales * the $ amount per sale.


Example: If Validation 1 Column = "Eligible for Payout" and the # Sales Column = 16 then I want to take 16 * $14 to get $224.


Another Example: If Validation 1 Column = "Eligible for Payout" and the # Sales Column = 5 then I want to take 5 * $7 to get $35. 


Want I want to see in a Power BI Table is this: 

Validation 1     # Sales    Commission Amount
Eligible for Payout 16$224
Eligible for Payout 15$210
Eligible for Payout 15$210
Eligible for Payout 9$81


What I currently have in a Power BI Table is this:



The Commission Tier is this:



Super User IV
Super User IV

So, probably something like:


Measure =
VAR __sales = MAX([# Sales])
VAR __commission =
VAR __eligible = MAX([Validation 1])
IF([Validation 1]<>"Eligible for Payout",0,__sales * __commission)


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Thanks Greg,


I am receiving an error message on the If statement for [Validation 1] column. I forgot to mention the commission values are in a separate table titled "FL Commission Rates" and the query table holding the data is in a table titled "FL Agents Commission". There's no unique identifier to create a relationship between these two tables. Any suggestions on how to fix the error message?


Also, should the [# Sales] column be the column from the "FL Agents Commission" table which is actually a measure to get the count of comissions per agent or should I use the [# Sales] column from the "FL Commission Rates" which is the chronological number from 0-20 in a column? I'm a little confused on this part.

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