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Datediff function seconds and minutes



When I calculate a datediff in hours I haven't any problem:

*Countdown (hours) = IF(ISBLANK(RELATED(mysql_mail_log[created])),DATEDIFF(mysql_reports[*NU],mysql_reports[first_report_expected],HOUR))


When I try to calculate the datediff in minutes or seconds, I receive the mesage 'Can't display the visual -> OLE DB or EDBC error: [Expression.Error] We couldn't fold the expression to the data source. 
*Countdown (minutes) = IF(ISBLANK(RELATED(mysql_mail_log[created])),DATEDIFF(mysql_reports[*NU],mysql_reports[first_report_expected],MINUTE))


 Anyone knows what is wrong?
I'm using SQL direct query data. 


Super User
Super User


Strange that the HOUR works! Creating time related calculated columns is not allowed in direct query. You have to create measures only

how I calculate 'hh:mm' or decimal hours with only measurement and without column? I want a value for every row without a calculation like sum, average, ...

Hi @svanwetswinkel 
This might require further formatting

Countdown (minutes) =
VAR TimeDifference =
    SUMX (
        IF (
            ISBLANK ( RELATED ( mysql_mail_log[created] ) ),
            DATEDIFF ( mysql_reports[*NU], mysql_reports[first_report_expected], MINUTE )
    QUOTIENT ( TimeDifference, 60 ) & ":"
        & MOD ( TimeDifference, 60 )

Would be great if you can provide sample file

I don't succeed 😞

Is it possible to mail you the file? 

I hope you can give me the solution. 

I sent my email in a private message

Even more simple is just to substract and select "Short Time" data type manually.

Countdown (minutes) =
    IF (
        ISBLANK ( RELATED ( mysql_mail_log[created] ) ),
        mysql_reports[first_report_expected] - mysql_reports[*NU]

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