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DAX formula Using a Measure to search within a text string.

Good day All,


Im willing to Search text within a text string. the challenge im facing is that insted of text im willing to use a variable or Measure based on user input, here is my first attempt that works fine but using plain text


Column 1 = CONTAINSSTRING(groupofcities[Cities]"KC")
CitiesColumn 1
Im willing for instead of using a plain text in the formula to use a variable or Measure. This is what my "NO yet DAXed" Brain is doing so far, and of course is not working.   please help
Column 1 = CONTAINSSTRING(groupofcities[Cities][MeasureCitySelected])
Thanks so much for your Help
NOTE: Extra point if you can help on what if 2 cities are selected ... if KC and CHI are selected how can I make row 1 to be true and row two & three false base on the multiple selections. 


New Member

Thank You KeyurPatel14 for your willines to help, 

Unfourtunatelly I try did not work ,  when we use a Measure in the condition, like the one you are proposing

Column 1 = CONTAINSSTRING(groupofcities[Cities],[Test]) for some reasson the results is that all rows are TRUE even if they do not contain "KC".


I also tried to add an slicer where each city is listed individually , it does work but the problem is that the row that contains "KC" in a group as the row identified as DET, CHI, KC, HOU, still shows FALSE.  in other hand the row that only contain KC that one is TRUE. 

Maybe Im overcomplicating my dashboard but it is required. 


Then You can use CONTAINSSTRING() DAX Function to solve your problem.
If you have any queries then please let me know.

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Hi @SergiodePao ,
You can plot a slicer and in that slicer you can add Cities column so the users can select cities from the slicer.
You can also make a measure using SELECTEDVALUE DAX Formula like this:
Test = SELECTEDVALUE(groupofcities[Cities])

this measure will select the values user select using the slicer.
Now you can pass this measure in your measure Column 1.

It would look like this:
Column 1 = CONTAINSSTRING(groupofcities[Cities],[Test])
I hope this will help to solve your problem and if you have any queries then please let me know.
If this helps you then please give it a kudos and mark it as a solution.

Thank you.

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