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Cumulative Sum Dynamic Requirement - Help



I am unable to achieve Dynamic Cumulative Sum with simple DIM_PRODUCT and Revenue Tables. 

Please find below link to PBIX, the Rank works the way I want because it respects the filters but the cumulative sum just doesnt run at all. What seems to be the issue and may be tweak my dax to make it work , I am unable to figure this one out for 3 days now. I am trying to embed ABC classification into dimension table so my ABC classificaiton is dynamic based on highest revenue and filters selected from dimension table.

@AntrikshSharma,@Greg_Deckler@amitchandak  can you please help 


Thanks a lot 

Super User
Super User

Hi @archerjayden 
I have created two measures which are 10 times faster than the ones you have. However they are still slow if you don't select anything in the slicer.


Running Revenue 1 = 
IF (
    NOT ISBLANK ( [SalesRevenue] ),
    VAR CurrentRank = [ProductRankCol]
    VAR SelectedProducts = ALLSELECTED ( DIM_PRODUCT[SKU] )
    VAR ProductsAndSales = ADDCOLUMNS ( SelectedProducts, "@Revenue", [ProductRevenueMSR] )
    VAR ProductsWithSales = FILTER ( ProductsAndSales, [@Revenue] <> BLANK ( ) )
    VAR TopNProducts = TOPN ( CurrentRank, ProductsWithSales, [@Revenue] )
        SUMX ( TopNProducts, [@Revenue] )
Running Revenue 2 = 
IF (
    NOT ISBLANK ( [SalesRevenue] ),
    VAR CurrentRank = [ProductRankCol]
    VAR SelectedProducts = ALLSELECTED ( DIM_PRODUCT )
    VAR ProductsWithSales = FILTER ( SelectedProducts, DIM_PRODUCT[ProductRevenueCol] <> BLANK ( ) )
    VAR Products = SUMMARIZE ( ProductsWithSales, DIM_PRODUCT[SKU] )
    VAR ProductsAndSales = ADDCOLUMNS ( Products, "@Revenue", [ProductRevenueMSR] )
    VAR TopNProducts = TOPN ( CurrentRank, ProductsAndSales, [@Revenue] )
        SUMX ( TopNProducts, [@Revenue] )

@tamerj1 wrote:

However they are still slow if you don't select anything in the slicer. 

Thank you for providing these measures they work awesome, really great ! 

It is taking 4.68 Mins to render the visual without any filter selected, can anything be done about this?


Cumulative totals based on dynamic ranking with 300,000+ products all present in one table visual is very heavy and expensive calculation. For each row in the table visual, the whole table will be evaluated. I don't believe anything better can be achieved. 

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