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Create measure to count instances of a value

I am working with a bicycle trip table called 'Appended 2019-2021 Trip Data', which contains all information I need for analysis.


I am looking to create aggregated measures to count instances of specific values of specific columns.

I wasn't sure how to do this as a calculated measure, and ended up with multiple tables to group by values (e.g. Count Start Day of Week, Count # of Rides from Start Location, etc.).

This approach doesn't make sense when trying to incorporate the counted values in a dashboard.


Using the 'Count # of Rides from Start Location' as an example, how can I create a calculated measure to count instances of # of rides started from each unique specified location? (there are 400+ unique starting locations)

Initial thoughts are to use calculate - count - filter on 'from_station_name' but am not sure how to write the formula.


Original Table:

Original data tableOriginal data table


Aggregated table values that I'm looking to store in a calculated measure:

Aggregation that I'm looking forAggregation that I'm looking for


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Hi @JJH_ 

You're on the right lines having a measure to count the number of rides rather than having separate tables holding the results.  However, the measure doesn't need to be as specific as 'Count # of Rides from Start Location', 'Count # of Rides from To Location' etc.  You can have a single 'Count # of Rides' measure, then it's the column(s) you use in your visual that determines how that's split.


Count # of Rides = COUNTROWS('Trip Data')


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Hi   @JJH_ 

Try this measue:

Count = COUNT('Trip Data'[from_station_name])
Or this one:
Count by filter = VAR _FSN = MAX ( 'Trip Data'[from_station_name] ) RETURN CALCULATE ( COUNTROWS ( 'Trip Data' ), FILTER ( 'Trip Data', 'Trip Data'[from_station_name] = _FSN ) ) 







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Count = COUNT('Trip Data'[from_station_name]) -->counts # of all unique 'from_station_name', which is 588.



Count by filter = VAR _FSN = MAX ( 'Trip Data'[from_station_name] ) RETURN CALCULATE ( COUNTROWS ( 'Trip Data' ), FILTER ( 'Trip Data', 'Trip Data'[from_station_name] = _FSN ) ) 

is resulting in an output of 3, which doesn't seem to make sense?power bi.PNG

Hi @JJH_ 


Add from_Station_Name to your table then you can find the result.


Appreciate your Kudos!!


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