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Count New Suppliers: Static Formula for Excel

Hello. I'm trying to convert a dyanmic new supplier Dax Formula to a more static formula for use in excel. The BI measure required user input for days to check for new suppliers(Time Frame Value in DAX)


My current DAX formula looks for new suppliers within user inputted days lookback(typically 90 days).

The Time Frame Value was the user inputted days to look back to check for new suppliers



I would like to compute new suppliers statically for a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, and since the dawn of time for new suppliers.


Dax Code:

New Suppliers By Day =

VAR Supplier= VALUES(dfile[Supplier Name])
VAR Prior_Suppliers = CALCULATETABLE(VALUES(dfile[Supplier Name]),
                                     dfile[Invoice Paid Date]>MIN(dfile[Invoice Paid Date])-[Time Frame Value] &&
                                     dfile[Invoice Paid Date]<MIN(dfile[Invoice Paid Date])))


Ideally fill in a similar table to this one below

New Suppliers
Dallas3 Month6 Month1 yearAbsolute
New York    
US Subtotal    


Any help would be appreciated to make the formula static so i can use the measure in a excel report instead of BI. Thanks

Community Champion
Community Champion

Re: Count New Suppliers: Static Formula for Excel

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