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Combine measures as columns in a new table

Hi datanuts, I've done some sector benchmarking across regions and various metrics (employment, value added, productivity, growth, etc) manually as a proof of concept and now trying to scale it using DAX and Radar chart.

My source table, intermediate table, and final visual (to be filtered by sector) done manually are attached.

I've created measures which calculate MIN, MAX, our position (D2N2), and a normalised score for each metric but having trouble getting the intemediate table using UNION, SELECTCOLUMS, CALCULATETABLE, GROUPBY/SUMMARIZE. 

Any advice of how to tackle this problem would be much appreciated. @danextian;@TomMartens; @v-huizhn-msft

Thank you,

V.data1.PNGData tableresult table.PNGIntermediate table with metrics I want to plot as rows and measures as columnsresult viz.PNGfinal viz

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