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Resolver I

Churn rate over time

I want to calculate the churned MRR/MRR, and see this over time. The problem is that the churned MRR and MRR are connected to two different date tables (lost date and won date). Therefore I cannot see the churn rate results over time. 


I define the won/lost mrr as follows:


Total Won MRR = CALCULATE(SUM(Deals[Deal - Value]),FILTER('Deal Status','Deal Status'[Deal - Status]="Won"))
Total Lost MRR = CALCULATE(SUM(Deals[Deal - Value]),FILTER('Deal Status','Deal Status'[Deal - Status]="Lost"))
Churnrate = [Total Lost MRR]/[Total Won MRR]


Some sample data, sales table:

Client   Won Date      Lost Date      Status    Value
A          2019-08-10                         Live         $1000
B          2019-10-01   2019-11-30    Lost        $500
C          2019-08-10                         Live         $1000
D          2019-10-01                         Live        $500
Desired churnrate = $500/$2500

I have two date tables, a 'lost dates' table and a 'won dates' table. Relationships are as follows:

Lost dates Table           Sales Table

Date                    1 : *   Lost date


Won dates Table              Sales Table

Date                       1 : *    Won date

How do I make the date table connected to both values?
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Super User IX

Re: Churn rate over time

Please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:


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