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Calculating # days absences

Hi all, 


I'm working on a formula to calculate the amount of working days that a person/people have been absense during a selected month. Unfortenately i cannot get it done yet, so hopefully somebody here can help me! 


The main tables I use are (At the moment i do not have a relation between these tables): 

Date table ; which has a column Isweekendday (true/false)  

Absense table ; with start and enddate of the absence.  Example:

Person x | Start date | enddate 

Person A |  09-01-2022 |  09-05-2022


Outcome should be if i select september 2022 : 3 days (as isweekendday is true for the 4rd and 4th of september) 


I already created a formula the amount of notifications, # = calculate(countrows(distinct('Absences '[ID])),filter('Absences ','Absences '[StartDate]<=max(DimDatum[Datum])&&'Absences '[EndDate]>=MAX(DimDatum[Datum])))+calculate(countrows(distinct('Absences '[EmpID])),filter('Absences ','Absences '[StartDate]<=max(DimDatum[Datum])&& ISBLANK('Absences '[EndDate].[Date]))), But not sure how i can create a similar formula for the amount of days between these dates.


Hope somebody can help me! Thanks in advance!


Super User
Super User

@Annabel123 , based on what I got, Please check networkdays can help. you can use a holiday calendar in that

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