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Calculate over and under booking of hours (COUNTIF, SUMIF)

Hello guys,


This is my data



1. I want to count how many times, Total_Hours_Actual are more than 8, =8, and less than 8.

2. Then I want to calculate the values for the same in terms of hours.


I want this calculation to be done only for columns Date and workcenter (avoid all other columns). So, I wrote a Measure with allselected to avoid effect of ACTIVITY_TYPE( and some other columns). It worked as you can see my "Measure" named column.

Then, Measure 2 is checking if (measure>8,1,0).


I am stuck at this point. The aggregation/total of measure 2 is saying 1 which is obvious. I want to sum all the 1s.

Please suggest an approach. I am using MicroStrategy's approach but maybe there is other way to reach the result.


Thanks a lot 

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Super User IX

Re: Calculate over and under booking of hours (COUNTIF, SUMIF)

@Devashish ,


Measure = calculate(sum(Table[Total_Hours_Actual]),Table[Total_Hours_Actual ] >=8)


Measure 2= calculate(sum(Table[Total_Hours_Actual]),Table[Total_Hours_Actual ] <8)


to show in term of hours refer

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Re: Calculate over and under booking of hours (COUNTIF, SUMIF)

Sorry that won't work.


I want to count per day per employee 

1. Number of Times >8, = 8, <8

2. Total value of Over booking (actual hours - 😎 and under booking (8-actual hours)

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