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Avoiding Circular Discrepancies for Col A = Col B (last row) and Col B = Col A (current row)?

My goal: To use DAX to calculate Ending Inventory as a function of MAX(0, Beginning Inventory + Receipts - Forecast), for every day and every SKU.


My Issue: I do not know how to lookup the previous day's Ending Inventory without PowerBI declaring a Circular Discrepancy.


Clarification: Because Ending Inventory rounds up to 0 at the end of each day if the formula is negative, I cannot collapse my inventory calculation into a single column and subtract all forecast up to a given date and add all receipts up to a given date like this:


Invalid Projected Inventory =
    LOOKUPVALUE(Current Inventory)
        + CALCULATE(SUM(Receipts.QTY), Receipts.Date <= Date, Receipts.Item = Item)
        - CALCULATE(SUM(Forecast.QTY), Forecast.Date <= Date, Forecast.Item = Item)


The reason I cannot use that single Projected Inventory column is to consider the following example:

  • Inventory for today (Oct 14) is 100
  • Total sum of Forecast thru Oct 20 is 200
  • Receipt of 100 will arrive Oct 21
  • Forecast on Oct 21, 2021 is 40

Desired Output: Projected Inventory on Oct 21 is 60

  • Inventory at start of Oct 21 is 0 (100 current inventory - 200 forecast, rounded up to 0)
  • Receipt of 100 on Oct 21 - Forecast of 40 on Oct 21 = Projected Inventory of 60

Output of Invalid Formula: Projected Inventory = 0

  • Current Inventory of 100 - forecast thru Oct 21 of 240 + receipts of 100 = -40
  • Projected Inventory = Max(0, -40) = 0


Here is a screenshot of all the data I'm using in my test model (text data at the bottom), including my desired input which I can get working in Excel.


PowerBI Rolling Daily Inventory.png


And here is the same setup in PowerBI:

PowerBI Rolling Daily Inventory in PBI.png Daily Inventory Relationships.png


But when I try to use DAX to calculate the Beginning and Ending inventory of each day, I get a circular discrepancy. Is there any way around this within DAX?


Beginning Inventory.png


Here are my formulas for the calculated table:


Table Source:


Daily Inventory = GENERATe(distinct('Date Table'[Date]),  DISTINCT(Items[Item ID]))


Beginning Inventory:


Beginning Inventory = 
if('Daily Inventory'[Date]=today(), 
    calculate(sum('Current Inventory'[Current Inventory]),filter('Current Inventory', 'Current Inventory'[Item ID]=[Item ID])),
    LOOKUPVALUE('Daily Inventory'[Ending Inventory],'Daily Inventory'[Item ID], [Item ID], 'Daily Inventory'[Date], [Date]-1)




Receipts = CALCULATE(sum(Receipts[QTY]), filter(Receipts, Receipts[Date]=earlier([Date])), filter(Receipts,Receipts[Item ID]=earlier([Item ID])))




Forecast = CALCULATE(sum(Forecast[QTY]), filter(Forecast, Forecast[Date]=earlier([Date])), filter(Forecast,Forecast[Item ID]=earlier([Item ID])))


Ending Inventory:


Ending Inventory = max([Beginning Inventory] + [Receipts] - [Forecast],0)



And here are my data tables:

Date Table



Item IDItem Name

Current Inventory

Item IDCurrent Inventory


Item IDDateQTY


Item IDDateQTY
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Super User

See if this explanation from the gurus at SQLBI helps: 

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Paul on Linkedin.

Thank you for the video. Unfortunately it does not appear to solve my issue (I tried all 3 solutions to make sure). The video seems focused on finding more indirect-hidden circular depencies, whereas my issue could be classified as a "direct-visible circular discrepancy".

In other words, my calculated table has Column A referencing Column B, and Column B references Column A. But what's frustrating is that PowerBI seems to flag this as an issue, despite my code filtering out true discrepancies by making the reference sequential - by that I mean that Column A references column B from the previous row, and Column B references Column A from the current row.


Here's an example in Excel, to help illustrate what I mean:


Sequential Reference.png

Excel handles this just fine when I set up a test example. I need a way to achieve the same goal within PowerBI, because all of the fields I need to use for the calculation is generated in PowerBI.

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