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Adjust matrix dates (in intervals) based on slicer selection



I have a Power BI report where I am using the Matrix Visual and have a date slicer.


In the matrix, I have the Date value in the Column field. I need the dates to adjust with the dates selected in the slicer and also show in intervals of 7 days. I have tried binning the Date field into 7 days, but the last day shown in the Matrix is related to the latest Sunday, vs the last date selected in the slicer. I have also tried several dax formulas, but I can only get the last date shown in the matrix to correspond with the Maximum date in my data set. 


Any ideas on a formula that will allow me to show the Date field in the matrix in increments of 7 days and also display the last date that corresponds with the latest date selected in the slicer? (In my example below, the last date in the matrix should be 8/31 instead of 9/2). Here is the formula I am using to achieve this: 






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Yes, its possible, see below:




___check = 
var _mindate = CALCULATE( MIN(tblSales[sales_date_time]), ALLSELECTED(tblSales))
var _maxdate = CALCULATE(MAX(tblSales[sales_date_time]), ALLSELECTED(tblSales))
var _daysbetween =  SUMX(VALUES(tblSales[sales_ref]), CALCULATE(DATEDIFF( MAX(tblSales[sales_date_time]) , MIN(tblSales[sales_date_time]),DAY)))
var _number = ROUNDDOWN(DATEDIFF(_mindate, _maxdate,DAY) / 7,0)
var _tbl = GENERATESERIES(0,_number,1)
var _tbl2 = SELECTCOLUMNS(ADDCOLUMNS(_tbl, "sales_date_time", _maxdate - ([Value] * 7)), "sales_date_time", [sales_date_time])


Link to file

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Kind regards, 

Hi @stevedep thank you so much for the help and detailed reply!! I am trying to apply it to my PBI report but getting stuck on one part: What is the purpose of the Values(tblSales[sales_ref]) part of the bar_daysbetween formula? I can't figure out how to apply it to my scenario.


var _daysbetween =  SUMX(VALUES(tblSales[sales_ref]), CALCULATE(DATEDIFF( MAX(tblSales[sales_date_time]) , MIN(tblSales[sales_date_time]),DAY)))


Thanks again!

@hawkeyes12 sales ref does not have any purpose, it's some dummy data attribute I added to make it look more realistic. Kind regards Steve

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Super User

@hawkeyes12 , as the header is coming from a column which can be a bin(week end date). A column can not respond to slicer selection. So I doubt that can be done easily.


Hi @amitchandak thank you for the reply - this information is very helpful! I wasn't sure if there was a way to overcome this with a dax formula, so thank you for letting me know.

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