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I have a table, for example


Description                        Rating

Title A             67%

Title B

Title C

Title C

Title E

Title F

Title G

Title H


The list is slowly growing so new ones are added. Currently all I can do is add this to a table with all the rows going down and the percentages added with Dats Bar Conditional Formatting. It would be great if you could split them up into a grid of tiles like this....


You could for example specify you wanted it to be 4 tiles wide and then as the list grows it just adds additional tiles. The KPI single tiles as it stands dont give me this fuctionality. I would like to see rows in a table spit into this layout without all from the same table

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Filtering for Donut and Pie Charts

Status: Declined
by Maexchen Frequent Visitor on ‎08-14-2018 02:01 AM

This is not really for custom visuals but a request to change the way Donut and Pie Charts are highlighting data cuts when filtered. Can we have at least an option to show the percentage as an angle of the circumference rather than the current way of slimming down the diameter? I think it would be more natural way and easier to understand if the highlight is done that way. 


is it clear what I mean?

Status: Declined
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PowerBI Custom Visual - HighSampleDensity

Status: New
by MassiScarla Frequent Visitor on ‎07-31-2018 01:54 AM

Like on standard visuals (es: Map) it would be much apprceciated to be able to could activate/deactivate HighSampleDensity sampling method in custom visual.


Thanks in advance,



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Show data by week numbers above line

Status: Accepted
by Mholsen Regular Visitor on ‎06-15-2018 04:26 AM



It is regarding the GANTT chart build by Microsoft:


It would really improve the usability if week numbers could be shown above the dateline (marked in yellow):

Week number.PNG

Status: Accepted
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I am trying out the word cloud visual and I have some text with characters like - and : plus more that i want to show as they are indeed part of the word. However any words with these characters either has them missing or gets truncated after it. Is there a setting for this?

Status: Delivered
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One of the things that we cannot currently do is for example add numeric attributes that can be used the same way as for example the "textSize" property. This reserved word when configured make an up and down arrow to appear and that makes the experience smoother and less prone to errors.

Problem is that it only shows for that reserved word and not for the ones we need...

This is something that could be improved and allow us to specify the type of usage we want in the controls.


Also, please add the ability to dynamically add sections in settings. One of the visuals I am creating allow adding several measures and I needed to control their formatting individually... This is not currently possible and once again makes this scenario really hard to achieve.


Thank you

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Gauges question

Status: New
by anaorca1990 Regular Visitor on ‎05-27-2018 05:19 PM


im trying to use the gauge chart, but i need that the i need to filter the count that goes into value but it doesnt not allow me to use any kind of the fliters, im trying to filter some words that i dont want to be count. 

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Currently, the donut chart is the only visual that contains a percentage of total label. If you have a lot of categories, a donut chart becomes less useful. 


I know you can use a measure to achieve the same for some of the other charts, but you can't create measures in a SSAS live connection. 


It would therefore be very useful if the percentage of total was added to (some of) the other visuals as a detail label option, especially in the bar chart ones. It seems like this would be a pretty straightforward edit, since it already exists in one of the standard visuals.

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Make fields in synoptic invisible

Status: New
by eletheria Occasional Visitor on ‎05-08-2018 08:25 AM

I use synoptic to build interactive facility maps, which involves drawing "fields" in an external app, then importing the picture to PowerBI. Unfortunately, visual controls only allow selecting colour to highlight those fields afterwards, but no option to just make them invisible.

It looks much cooler when you just click an object on the picture and the stats change, than having coloured shapes scattered around before you click one, so an option to easily get rid of the colour would be quite useful.


And if anyone knows how to do it right now, please please share!! =)

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It would be beneficial if we could measure two sets of measures to compare with.  Like measure your sales value against your budget (as column chart) alongside with the lines of comparing your current quantity produced vs. your last year's produced quantity. 


Currently, the "Line and Clustered Column Chart" can give you this but it only has one Y-axis.  Unfortunately, quantites and sales value can't go together in one axis because of a big value difference.

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I would like to be able to organize all my custom visualizations within Power BI.  I am not sure how I would accomplish this but I would suggest being able to create folders, create groups, or having a customized view.


Is there anything like this currently being worked on?  If so please let me know how / where to get this functionality for Power BI.




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Would be great to have a scrolling text visual that could display data that changes. Our sales org has a Power BI dashboard we use to display Sales KPI's, Pipeline, Bookings, etc. Our entire org looks at this frequently. Would love to have a 'Winwire' that scrolls recently won large deals to give recognition to the sellers.

Status: Delivered
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More data need to be sent into R custom visual script (types,  decimal placesfor numeric variables, etc) 


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I've created a drilldown choropleth (map). So far, there are a number of problems with the appearance of the tooltips:


  • Fields order doesn't reflect the field ranking in the tooltip well.
  • Field names are displayed rather than descriptions (aliases)
  • Field formats cannot be adjusted under the Modeling tab, so my percentages appear as .1234567890




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Gantt Chart - Check availability

Status: New
by FraNat Frequent Visitor on ‎01-29-2018 11:58 PM

Good day,
I'm using Gantt Chart in order to check the availability and the workload of my employee.
It would be useful to have the possibility to insert a date in some kind of filter and then see only the employee which are available for that day.
I really hope you'll find some time to add this feature in a gantt visual

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I am trying to create a gantt chart, I have been successful in creating but the only thing that I need horizontal lines separating each project.

Is there any way to do that.?

Thanks in advance.




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Image Crop in Card Browser Visual

Status: New
by dlsnyder Visitor on ‎01-24-2018 10:58 AM

Right now, the Card Browser "title url" has no way to control the crop of the image—as the content grows the image shrinks. I'm working on a dashboard where the image itself (a photo of product) it an integral part of the data being shown to my users. A way to control the crop/aspect ratio of the image would make this visual much more useful. Depending on feedback from users, I may not be able to use the component as is.


I'm imagining a toggle ("preserve image aspect ratio" on/off) would be the easiest and most effective way to resolve this.

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Toggle Visual

Status: New
by Chandu_Tevakoni Regular Visitor on ‎01-04-2018 05:00 AM


Toggle.PNGToggle Visual in one of the Power BI Dashboards images in AppSourceI want to use Toggle Visual in Power BI Report. With the help of Bookmarks Pane it can be possible, but the problem is "publish to web" option is not there for Bookmarks Pane in Power BI Service.

We can click on that text boxes in the image so that the data will get changed in the report.Can anyone help me how toggle can be used as in the image. 

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Monthly report templates

Status: New
by OHM Frequent Visitor on ‎12-19-2017 11:10 PM

Anyone who have templates for nice looking monthly report?  I can use add Tile  in dashboard, and then add needed text to the different curves and tables, but Dashboard is a bit limmited when it coms to layout. I would like to get inspiration from other users how to make reports with good layout

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Can we change the behaviour of a Word Cloud so that it doesn't re-sizes itself until a selection is made or data is changed. Currently the phrases/words gets changed whenever dashboard is accessed or re-opened. It makes it difficult for the users to find some keywords in case the word count is high.


Is there a way we can restrict this for the default view? This would mean that whenever user opens the dashboard the layout of the word cloud remains the same and then changes based on the filter selection? 

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