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Column Chart with Total column

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by mike_honey on ‎03-28-2018 09:37 PM

Please build a Column Chart (with regular and stacked variants, bar and column variants) with an option to show a total column that represents the total of the categories. Allow this to be positioned before or after the category columns. 


This was requested 2 years ago but seems have been ignored:


Would like to see a panel chart / small multiples visual (like available in Tableau) , where the X- or Y-Axis major/minor points/values can be aligned across charts

Simply I want to ability to create a combo box with selected columns list and define a group of options for each column.





Currently, it is possible in the Format for built in Table, but API doesn't allow to create it in custom visual.

Status: Accepted


Infographics development team would like to get your feedback about the visual and what you'd like to see next.

Help the team by filling in this survey: 

Infographic Designer User Survey




iso-contour map visualization

Status: New
by dsc Occasional Visitor on ‎07-03-2017 06:11 AM

I would like to see the possibilitiy to show map visualizations with iso-contour lines calculated from georeferenced point data (e.g. lines of same atmospheric pressure).

When using the Drill Down Choropleth visual with a Legend, you can set Data Colors in the normal manner.  However (unlike most visuals) these dont "stick" - every time the visual is filtered it re-assigns colors from the default palette.


You can repro this behaviour using the sample PBIX file provided with the visual.  From the page: Choropleth with Legend, go to the Visual Level Filters and filter the Party field, e.g. select B and D.  You can also try using the Format / Data Colors property to set a specific color, then change the filter and watch it reset to the default palette.


For my scenario, each value in the Legend field should show in a specific colour, regardless of filtering.  This is achieveable with other visuals e.g. TreeMap.  Please fix this aspect of an otherwise outstanding Custom Visual.

It would be great to be able to create small multiple without the need to use r.


Create lots of charts with a consisent axies is very tricky, have the abilty to wrap or grid and a facet for the small multiples just as r does would provide more flexibility and improved clarity on some chart types.


Status: Delivered

Multi Column Variable Slicer

Status: New
by xboxter Frequent Visitor on ‎11-06-2017 10:34 AM

I would like to be able to have a slicer that I can add multiple columns to as inputs. You would be able to select the column at the top of the slicer, and then have the selection options from that column. For example if I had State, Industry, and Company Size as columns for the slicer. I could select one of the three, and make selections from that rather than having to make three seperate reports with three different slicers.

Power KPI visual - European Date format

Status: Delivered
by Mardin on ‎10-12-2017 01:24 AM

Please allow European Date Format in the Power KPI visual!


Showing 9-1-2017 as date in the KPI will only make sense to Americans. We need an option to display it as 1-9-2017.

Status: Delivered

3D Graph in visuals

Status: Delivered
by rkumar Regular Visitor on ‎09-18-2017 02:58 AM

Is there any visual or custom visual which lets us shown data in form of a 3D graph.

Example - 




Status: Delivered

I am working on a visual for a count of people by categories as a Infographic bar chart (showing a “people” icon).  It kind of works, but with my data the max count in any category is 9.  So I’m confused to see more than 9 people icons appearing in the longest “bar”. 


How can I configure my infographic to show exactly the number of icons matching the value in my measure?


Under the Shape / Format, I have currently set:


Multiple Units = On

Column Count = Auto

Units per Column = Custom / 1

Fill Percentage = same Measure


Intuitively I would expect that to produce the result I want, but it doesnt.


I've tried emailing the Infographic team, but they havent responded after 10 days.


POWER BI SERVICE: replace iframe with a responsive DIV

Status: New
by siacc Frequent Visitor ‎04-14-2017 06:50 AM - edited ‎04-14-2017 06:50 AM

Good afternoon,

I suggest you an idea about report on a Power BI Service space. Currently, I have seen that the code to embed a report/dashboard has an <iframe> tag.


But, in agree with HTML5, why do not you replace <iframe> with a <div> tag  and make it responsive?


Have you considered this idea? Are you already working on it?


Thanks in advance for the answers.

Welcome to the custom visuals ideas forum

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by Power BI Team tzvikei on ‎03-18-2017 03:49 PM

Use this forum to exchange ideas for custom visuals, whether they are in the custom visuals gallery or not. Ask for new custom visuals from the community, or for new features for existing visuals.

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pulse chart > Add several series on X axis

Status: Accepted
by augustindelaf Member ‎01-21-2019 09:17 AM - edited ‎01-22-2019 01:00 AM

Hi, I am a big user of Pulse Chart.

For example, you might here find my version of that chart in a public dashboard that compares GAFAM market cap.


My question is simple : I would like to have several series (serveral curves) on X axis, instead of only one curve/one series.

For instance this would enable peer evaluation over time.


Optional request : 

have the possiblilty to fill data points with icons (company logo for instance...)


Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Augustin de la Fouchardiere

Status: Accepted
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Ability to Format Histogram X Axis

Status: New
by cbhoffm1 Frequent Visitor ‎12-10-2018 12:59 PM - edited ‎12-10-2018 01:00 PM

Is there a way to display the X-axis of the Hisogram visual as a % instead of decimals?  I am trying to diplay the distribution of % to Target, % to goal, etc.  I would rather see 0% to 40% instead of 0.00 to 0.40

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Me and my team are looking for a way to enter more than one values in the thermometer of power bi. 

For example if I want to show my acutal value and different targets for each quarter, I can't do that because there is only on data field available. 

We would need a more flexible visual to add more than one target line.  The image shows a possible way it could look like. Here we have a line for each quarter. It's written which line represents which quarter. A Number can be added if wanted. 


I hope you can help me with my idea. 






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Career Path/Map!

Status: New
by eduardo_alda Frequent Visitor on ‎10-25-2018 10:20 AM

Hello Community,

Hope you're well! It's incredibly inspiring how active you are at Power BI community!  I love your posts and continuously make use of your advises/tips.


In order to visually represent employees career paths we are trying to recreate a similar structure than this:


Yet I’m really struggling at it…  the closest I’ve got was using Timeline Storyteller , which is not much end-user friendly …


Would there be any similar templates or other visualizations - or even other apps - to achieve this kind of visual ?

Another idea - but no idea how to achieve it - would be to use a static background and a map/coordinate visual...


Any suggestion or guidance in this sense is more than welcome.


Thank you in advance!


Eduardo López de Alda

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Put text onto calendar visual

Status: New
by bpwendy Frequent Visitor on ‎10-17-2018 12:52 PM

So far cannot add a custom text onto each column in the calendar visual. Like below.

It would be nice to have this feature.

Thank you!


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It will be very appreciated to have the ability to control the start and end scale of the scatter chart through a measure.

 Attach an image before and after making the manual adjustment.


Without adjusting the axes, it is displayed as follows:

scatter 01.PNG


Adjusting the axes is displayed as follows:

scatter 02.PNG


I appreciate the support for this request.


Sincere greetings

Kenneth Baeza


Status: Needs Info
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There are a lot of cool visuals but many of them are almost unusable because it's incredibly difficult to guess what they are expecting as input.  To take one example Microsoft's own Histogram visual has a 'Values' and 'Frequency' input.  There's no guidance at all to suggest how these should be used.  Many other  visual suffer from this, including the standard ones (I _still_ can't sense of the Scatter chart naming).


I'd like to humbly suggest that just to the right of the Fields/Formats/Analytics tabs, there is a small help icon which can be used to open a link/embedded resource that gives some documentation for the selected visual. 

Status: Declined
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